Step by step, saving lives, one less slip at a time.

The focus should be on prevention, not compensation:

  1. SLIPSTOPPERS™ is a non-profit program specifically created for the awareness and the evention of slip and fall accidents.
  2. SLIPSTOPPERS™ will inform and educate the general-public on the seriousness of slip and fall accidents.
  3. SLIPSTOPPERS™ is much like CRIMESTOPPERS, however, instead of reporting a crime or criminal, a person will be able to report a potential slip and fall hazard and location.

They will be comprised of representatives from flooring safety specialists, along with Health workers, Medical Doctors, Firefighters, Politicians, Retailers, Senior Associations, and concerned citizens within each community.

Who created SLIPSTOPPERS™ and why?
  1. Global Safe Technologies Inc., the originators of Project SLIPSTOPPERS™, is a professional company, with over 100 years of management experience, dedicated to and directly involved in the anti-slip industry.
  2. Global Safe Technologies Inc. has gathered and documented some very disturbing statistics, SEE ABOVE, which show slip and fall accidents are increasing at a steady pace, and in fact are now the second leading cause of accidental death in North America, behind automobile accidents.
  3. The average person is generally unaware or poorly informed of potential slip-fall hazards, both in their home and at work.
  4. Project SLIPSTOPPERS™ was born to address these issues.
What is the role of the SLIPSTOPPERS™?

The coalitions will have a very important role within their communities. They will coordinate and implement educational programs for the general-public.

Examples of some of these educational programs are:

  1. Awareness seminars to the Youth through local Schools.
  2. Awareness campaign to the community with the assistance of local Firefighters.
  3. Awareness seminars to the seniors with the assistance of the Seniors Associations.
  4. Awareness campaign to the general-public with the assistance of local Retailers.
Who will become SLIPSTOPPERS™?
  1. Global Safe Technologies Inc. will be seeking the assistance of non-profit organizations, which are dedicated towards public health and safety, to partner and help promote the SLIPSTOPPERS™ awareness campaign.
  2. SLIPSTOPPERS™ Coalitions will be formed between Global Safe Technologies Inc. and these organizations within communities throughout North America, and eventually in communities throughout the world.
How will these SLIPSTOPPERS™ Coalitions work?
  1. The raising of funds required to help promote SLIPSTOPPERS™ will flow directly through these non-profit organizations.
  2. Authorized representatives of SLIPSTOPPERS will work with these Coalitions to build expertise within the community and encourage support for the program.
  3. SLIPSTOPPERS™ Coalitions should convene at least once a month to discuss progress of the slip-fall prevention program within their community, and shall report their progress to a special Task Force. The special Task Force will monitor and offer support to the SLIPSTOPPERS™ coalitions, when needed.

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